I was assured by several Home Secretary's and Home Office ministers that should Oldfield commit another crime with a blade he would be lifed off, so why is his liberty still being given when Crown Court Judges are deeming him to be Dangerous? 


I was told in a letter dated 04 June 2001 (one year to the day my brother died,)  By Lord Bassam on behalf of Charles Clarke the then Home Secretary


"The Crime Sentences Act 1997 introduced provisions requiring that those convicted of a second serious violent or sexual offence should receive an automatic life sentence, and be kept in prison for as long as it is considered that they would pose a serious risk to the public if released on licence.  The offences included in this provision themselves carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  The likely reason why Mr Oldfield was not given an automatic life sentence is that any previous offences that he was convicted of was not a qualifying offence for the purpose of this section."


 So my argument now is - Oldfield has twice since killing my brother been convicted of using a blade and carrying one while on licence, the Judge at Leeds Crown Court deemed him as dangerous, why has he still not received a life sentence?  Does he really have to kill again before that will be classed as a serious enough offence?



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Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

Many people are unaware that families of victims of murder have NO rights after a trial, other than to ask the Attorney General within 28 days to look at the sentence if it is too lenient. If lies are told in the court or your loved one is blamed for His/Her death and the prosecution does nothing and allows your loved ones character to be assassinated by His/Her killer, you can do nothing.

This is totally unfair, the killer can get legal aid and instruct a lawyer to help Him/Her to fight the conviction if they feel they were wronged. As a victim I believe we should have the same rights as the offender and when we know things have gone wrong we should be able to fight it too with the help of legal aid and lawyers. 
All we victims want is to have a fair justice system where we have the same rights as the defendants. 

Judges, Barristers, CPS, Police are fallible, but when they make mistakes it is us who serve the life sentence, not the perpetrators.

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