I was assured by several Home Secretary's and Home Office ministers that should Oldfield commit another crime with a blade he would be lifed off, so why is his liberty still being given when Crown Court Judges are deeming him to be Dangerous? 


I was told in a letter dated 04 June 2001 (one year to the day my brother died,)  By Lord Bassam on behalf of Charles Clarke the then Home Secretary


"The Crime Sentences Act 1997 introduced provisions requiring that those convicted of a second serious violent or sexual offence should receive an automatic life sentence, and be kept in prison for as long as it is considered that they would pose a serious risk to the public if released on licence.  The offences included in this provision themselves carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  The likely reason why Mr Oldfield was not given an automatic life sentence is that any previous offences that he was convicted of was not a qualifying offence for the purpose of this section."


 So my argument now is - Oldfield has twice since killing my brother been convicted of using a blade and carrying one while on licence, the Judge at Leeds Crown Court deemed him as dangerous, why has he still not received a life sentence?  Does he really have to kill again before that will be classed as a serious enough offence?



Campaign Aims

1.  To give ALL victims the right to appeal a murder/manslaughter cases if they feel things have gone wrong.

If the person charged with the crime thinks the case went wrong they have the right to appeal, victims of murder/manslaughter have no recourse apart from asking the Attorney General to look at lenient sentences.  That is providing you even get to sentencing, This is not acceptable.  Dead men cannot speak, so when your loved ones character is tarnished by a defence lawyer and perpertrator and your loved one cannot defend themselves, someone should, the Crown Prosecution failed us and have failed many more like us, by allowing deals to be done.


2.   Timings of murder cases should NEVER be within 4 weeks of Christmas.  

Our case ended on the 22nd December 2000, it was obviously rushed so the defence and prosecution could get away for Christmas, and I believe the jury were not concentrating on the case at hand and just wanted to get out of the courtroom and prepare for their Christmases.  My sisters two children aged 4 and 5 never had Christmas that year as we were heartbroken and had no heart to have one. 


3.  Now the offence of manslaughter with provocation is a conviction which was abolished on 4th October 2010 I feel that every case which received manslaughter with provocation before that date where families are still up in arms should be reviewed. 

Oldfield was never a reasonable man his nickname is "Rampton" now we know why he was called that.  I believe his actions since killing Joey have proved how reasonable he is, Justice Penry Davey made a grave error by allowing manslaughter with provocation to be given at the trial.   


4.   All misdemeanors should be taken into account and the sentence should run consecutively. Oldfield was up for several drink driving charges before he killed my brother, he knew that there was a possibility of a custodial sentence and did not want my brother to be out enjoying life.  At sentencing the drink driving offences and stealing petrol is all forgot as they only take note of the most serious offence, this is wrong. 


5.  Make other people stand trial if they did not warn the deceased they were in danger.

The woman in the flat who lied on the stand and had visited Oldfield in prison should have been in the dock with him, she had every chance to tell Joey he was going to kill him and she did nothing, just because she had children she should not have got away scot free, she was as guilty as him.


6.  Make prisons into prisons, they commit the crime let them do the time, Make a deterrent! Give anyone found carrying a knife a minimum 3 years.   It is so good Oldfield keeps returning, and so do thousands more each year,   I was born with rheumatoid arthritis and have stayed in hospitals with more rules and regulations than these killers are having to abide by, my brothers killer is costing the tax payer £34000 a year to be locked up with a tv use of telephone, yoga classes, playstation, I don't get £34000 spent on me to keep my joints active and keep me mobile so why does a murderer?  


7.  Make the sentence the exact time they have to stay behind bars, do not say 7 years and then release them after 3 years.  Make 7 years 7 Years.


8.  Raise more awareness and spend more money on victims children, many are left traumatised with no one to help them, the only people who help victims are GP's SAMM's group, Victims Voice, these need extra funding to help support bereaved families.  


9.  Stop all prisoners smoking behind bars, Stop The Court of Human Rights interfering with our Judicial System.  Stop all compensation been given to criminals, if they make a complaint let them make it, and if it is founded and compensation is awarded put it in a victims fund, do not let them have it, had they not have committed a crime then they would not need to complain about how they are treated and kept.  


10.  When mistakes are made, and lies are told, we should have the right to speak up for our loved ones.

Prosecution lawyer now Judge Graham Morrow allowed Oldfield to make untrue allegations about my brothers character and failed to tell the jury about Oldfield's knife conviction, he states he was unaware?  Why was he unaware the police knew about it? It was on the police printout, I also spoke to Tom Morton from the CPS regarding it, had Mr Morrow have spoken to us he would have been informed, but he never spoke one word to us.   

Due to this I feel it should only be right that Victims such as myself should be able to go to a Criminal Cases Review Board with a solicitor of my choice to discuss the case and if we can provide enough evidence to prove the case fell short of being fair and just, we should be able to go before the High Court and have the manslaughter conviction overturned.  Why should we the victims family live with the knowledge that our loved ones provoked their own death when this is totally untrue?   In Joey's case Oldfield has proven to be the dangerous perpertrator as he has since being released on this charge he has gone on to commit further knife crimes, What does he have to do KILL AGAIN before the Justice System does something? 




I want a Victims Criminal Cases Review Board, where any victims family (not just mine) or solicitor working for them could appeal to the the board.  If a solicitor of the victims choice can prove things went wrong in their case they should have recourse, a Victims Criminal Cases Review Board could take their case to the Attorney General or The High Court - Like people convicted wrongly can, victims need comparable rights to offenders.  We are the forgotton - We lose our Loved Ones - We trust in the police cps barristers judges they are all fallible, they make mistakes and we have to live with it, we serve the life sentence, the least we should be given is the right to recourse.  Where is our Human Rights?


Justice should be for all.


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