I was assured by several Home Secretary's and Home Office ministers that should Oldfield commit another crime with a blade he would be lifed off, so why is his liberty still being given when Crown Court Judges are deeming him to be Dangerous? 


I was told in a letter dated 04 June 2001 (one year to the day my brother died,)  By Lord Bassam on behalf of Charles Clarke the then Home Secretary


"The Crime Sentences Act 1997 introduced provisions requiring that those convicted of a second serious violent or sexual offence should receive an automatic life sentence, and be kept in prison for as long as it is considered that they would pose a serious risk to the public if released on licence.  The offences included in this provision themselves carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  The likely reason why Mr Oldfield was not given an automatic life sentence is that any previous offences that he was convicted of was not a qualifying offence for the purpose of this section."


 So my argument now is - Oldfield has twice since killing my brother been convicted of using a blade and carrying one while on licence, the Judge at Leeds Crown Court deemed him as dangerous, why has he still not received a life sentence?  Does he really have to kill again before that will be classed as a serious enough offence?



Remembering Joey, A much loved and missed Son, Brother, Dad, Uncle and now a Grandad to 2 beautiful little girls and a gorgeous little boy who he never got chance to meet. Now reunited with his mam.


This site has been set up in loving memory of Wayne Joseph Keenan known to everyone as Joey Evans (took his stepdads name).  Joey was tragically taken from his family and children on the 4th June 2000 aged 34 years in Blackpool.   Joey had moved to Blackpool from Leeds to live nearer his mum and sisters and to start a new life, he was doing well until his so called friend turned up and began living off him, Joey was stabbed to death, 3 times in the back and 3 times in his chest - by this person, there was a delay in the injuries which proves it was premeditated and In front of three witnesses..... Having in my possession all the witness statements, the truth was not told in court.


Mark Oldfield from Halton Moor Leeds had arrived at Joey's home late on Saturday night June 3rd 2000, one of the neighbours from an upstairs flat who was sleeping with Oldfield knew he had a large kitchen knife down the back of his jeans, she asked him why he had the knife and he told her to Kill Joey! this is in her statement, yet it was never told to the jury.  She never told Joey or told the court.

While we were in shock and waiting for the trial Oldfield was contacting her by phone from prison and swearing his undying love to her, she told the court it was a pencil she felt down his jeans. At 9pm on the Sunday evening of June 4th Oldfield murdered Joey, in a premeditated attack. After he repeatedly stabbed Joey he grabbed the three witnesses mobile phones and threw them as the women tried to ring for help, as Joey lay dying he then jumped on Joey's back and stabbed him further times he then casually left the flat and half an hour later walked past me and my sister Julie (Joey's Sisters) and went behind our mums home where he jumped into Joey's Friends car stealing it, and drove back to Leeds, Stealing petrol along his way.  In Leeds he told a pack of lies and had assistance in burning out the car and destroying all evidence, burning of his clothing and disposing of the weapon.


The court case was a farce-but not to us his family or his children. Oldfield had been interfering and contacting witnesses from prison.   The opening day of the trial as me my mum and sister sat waiting in the corridor for the proceedings to begin, in poured half of Halton Moor, The McIntyres, The Kings and Mandy Oldfield, most were Oldfields defence witnesses and others came to gloat, these were people who had not been in Blackpool, had not seen or heard anything, His parents did not attend, his father Edward Oldfield had an injunction out against him, so why would they?  I would imagine that in that injunction the name "Rampton" and blades would have been mentioned!

After the opening speech The McIntyre family were sat in the hallway of Preston Crown Court with lots of solicitors around them as they tried to change their glowing statements, none of them had in fact stated the Oldfield was known as "Rampton",  yet each and everyone of them knew it, Why else would they want to change their fabulous statements? because they realised Oldfield had told them a pack of lies and they had been duped.  The solicitors for the defence would not allow them to change them, and the trial took a different route, as none of them were called, it was a total waste of taxpayers money.

He had told them it was him or Joey, but the only other weapon found was a small potato knife under a table in the living room where on the table a baked jacket potato sat, the potato had been made for Debra Barratt's 4 year old son.   The knife was covered in butter, there was no butter on Joey or his clothing and no fingerprints of Joey on the knife, the only knife used was the carving knife Oldfield killed Joey with, he told the police he had dropped it down a grate in Blackpool. it was never found.  

Oldfield stood in court and admitted killing Joey, when asked WHY?  he whimpered and said he did not know why he had taken Joey's life? asked was he provoked, he replied, I WAS NOT PROVOKED BY JOEY IN ANYWAY!

Joey could have been still here today had Debra Baratt informed him Oldfield had a knife upon him and was intending to kill him, and I feel she should stand trial for perverting the course of justice, or aiding and abetting Joey's murder .  Joey was not a coward, he did not use weapons, Joey's downfall was trusting his so called friends!


On the 22nd of December 2000 the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter with provocation and the murderer received 7 years, he was walking the streets in 4 years 8 months. Justice was not served.  


Manslaughter with provocation should never have been allowed, there are two tests for provocation, the delay in the stab wounds disproves provocation, and him being called Rampton, (Not told to the court) totally throws the "reasonable man" test out.  Also Oldfield admittance he was not provoked.


My brother Joey was put on trial in that courtroom, dead men cannot speak, there was so many lies told and we could do nothing, we were totally failed, Oldfield made allegations that were not true and he could not substantiate, the jury was not told that Oldfield from Halton Moor Leeds had previously stabbed someone 18 months before he stole Joey's life. After the trial I asked why was Oldfields previous stabbing not told to the court after he made false allegations about my brother? the Police blamed the CPS, the CPS blamed the police for not having an up to date print out of Oldfields convictions. This does not help us the victims of this crime! They mess up and we have to live with it!  They should all be held accountable.

Oldfield was jealous to death of Joey, he wore his clothes ate his food, spent his money and then stabbed him in the back.  His own mother hid knives from him and his own father had an injunction out on him so he could not go near them, Joey was and is loved, and EVIL Oldfield resented it.

I have campaigned for justice intensely after the perverse verdict was returned, I have asked the Labour Government to bring in a new law, LIFE OR A KNIFE as 7 years is no deterrent, like hundreds of other victims I got nowhere.  


13 years on I am not giving up, the Internet was not as accessible when my brothers life was taken, let all victims who have been failed get together and make a stand.   


Now the courts have the power to use the Double Jeopardy Law I feel this case warrants it, as Oldfield with his contacting witnesses in the original trial made the case unfair and unjust and untruthful. And allowed him to get away with murder. Our lives will never be the same. 


The third element of the defence of provocation is a question for the jury. The jury is required to balance the gravity of the provocative act against the actions expected of a reasonable man. S. 3 of the Homicide Act 1957 provides that in determining the question of whether the provocation was enough to make a reasonable man do as the defendant did, "the jury shall take into account everything both done and said according to the effect, in their opinion, it would have on a reasonable man".   


Oldfield was never a reasonable man his nickname is "Rampton" now we know why he was called that.  I believe his actions since killing Joey have proved how reasonable he is, Justice Penry Davey made a grave error by allowing manslaughter with provocation, a conviction which was abolished on 4th October 2010 to be given at the trial.   Now this offence has been abolished I feel that every case which received manslaughter with provocation should be reviewed. 


Since the 7 year Conviction


Oldfield has been in and out of prison for using and carrying bladed weapons, his actions I believe prove that the courts got it wrong and I want a change in the law not just for my family but for every other victim who has gone through a similar experience as me and my family.


On 5th May 2009 Oldfield was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, after the judge deemed him to be dangerous after he yet again violently assaulted his neighbour with a bladed weapon in an unprovoked attack, he challenged the sentence and had it varied on 13th October 2011 the Court o Appeal upheld the 3 year prison sentence but reduced the period on licence to 2 years from 5 years.


On 2nd May 2011 while still on licence from the  8 year sentence,  Oldfield committed a further offence with a bladed weapon, on 1st June 2011 he appeared at  Leed Crown Court where he received a 10 month prison sentence.   How many more times will he escape justice, does he really have to take another persons life before someone listens?


Oldfield must be doing deals with the Police and the CPS.  As deals keep being done for him!! This is Justice in 2000 and since then it has got no better, we have murderers walking and living near us all daily.  The Ministry of Justice and the CPS cannot even agree on when Oldfields licence is up so what faith in this disgraceful system does that leave us as a family, and how many more murderers are not being monitored.  In April 2014 Oldfield is released from his licence once again.

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